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loomis digestive health specialistThe Loomis System is based on the common sense assumption that the human body’s starting point is a state of natural health, which is called homeostasis.  The body will always do everything it can to get back to this homeostasis.  Symptoms often arise when the body cannot maintain homeostasis and yet a disease process is not yet present.

If you have symptoms, but no definite medical diagnosis, this is good news.  You are probably not diseased!  When the cause can’t be identified medically, the problem often lies in the areas of diet and nutrition.  It also means we can identify the cause of your stress and help alleviate those symptoms now!

How the system works:

1.    We help you examine and modify your diet
2.    We show you how to improve your digestion
3.    We nutritionally support your body.

The major signs the body has to let us know that it needs supplemental enzymes are:

1.    Indigestion, gas and bloating
2.    Fever
3.    Redness
4.    Swelling
5.    Pain
6.    Muscle contraction

The reason that Loomis Digestive Enzymes work when other remedies have failed is that they help to   deliver nutrients past an incompetent digestive system because they assist with digestion in the stomach.  They work in a wide ph range and “predigest food in the stomach.”

If you’re having digestive issues, why wait another day?

We look forward to supporting on your road back to health.

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