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Nutrition Counseling

I work with clients using many form of evaluations, including a signs and symptoms survey, a palpatory exam, and a 24 hour uranalysis test.  I will take the time and care to really listen to you to find the right natural solution for you.

This is using saliva and urine testing to reflect the chemistry of a client’s lifestyle. With reams testing, there is little concern for a named condition or set of symptoms that a person has.

There are 5 tests completed in all.  We will slowly, but surely get your numbers back in line to the ideal line of least resistance.

Over the past 50 years or so, it has been found that a person whose numbers are in certain ranges was found to have vigorous health.  It has also been found that the further away a person is from these ideal numbers, the greater the amount of discomfort a person experienced and the less vigorous health they experienced.

The 5 tests I will be checking are:

  1. The urine sugar test: This is also called the carbohydrate number.  This number has the greatest effect on the overall conscious and subconscious feeling of well being of all of the numbers.  If carbohydrate numbers are too high, the client will be in the “zone of misery”.
  2. The saliva and urine ph test:  We will test the client’s fluids to check  their ph.  The proper ph is 6.4 for both saliva and urine.  When this number is off, the mineral energy can not get into the system, because the wrong line of resistance results the wrong ratio of energy.  Thus individual cell health can not be maintained and degeneration progresses.   PH above 6.4 is moving too slow through the body.  PH below 6.4 is moving too fast through the body.
  3. The urine salts test: The ideal number here is 6-7 C.  This test tells the conductivity of the urine.  Conductivity is a measure of the quantity of current flowing within the biologic medium.  When salts are too high, all of the smooth muscles are affected.  The viscosity of the blood thickens, and results in cholesterol buildup, as well as many other symptoms.
  4. The urine cell debris number test:  This test shows how adequately the body is getting rid of dead cells.  This number should be high if the body is cooperating in an unhealthy body.  As the body gets healthier however, these numbers will come down.  The ideal reading will be .04M
  5. The last test is called the urea number urine test.  It is made up of 2 numbers actually.  They are the nitrate nitrogen and the ammonia nitrogen numbers.   Both of these numbers should measure 3.  These numbers represent  the amount of unutilized protein that is being broken down by the liver into urea to be removed from the body through the kidneys.

Another service that will be provided by Freedom Whole Health is: Lifestyle counseling.  This will include, but is not limited to:

  1. Relaxation/coping techniques
  2. Bach flower therapy
  3. Nutrition meal plans
  4. Guidance on what foods to stay away from
  5. Food sensitivity testing
  6. Foot detoxification therapy


What is Natural Health?

Natural Health is the practice of being proactive and using life style management to keep the body healthful and whole. Through the use of proper nutrition, dietary supplements, and stress management techniques, the body can be brought back into balance. Natural agencies have the ability to bring the body back into balance and can help your body stay well. As a natural health professional, my job is to counsel and advise clients on how to be proactive, and to guide them in their journey to getting the body back into balance or to maintain the body’s balance.

  • Vitamins: One of 15 organic substances that are necessary for life and health. The body can’t manufacture these, so it is necessary to be supplied by the diet.
  • Minerals: An inorganic substance that is necessary for the body to thrive.
  • Amino Acids: Any of 22 organic acids from which protein is make and energy is released from the body.
  • Enzymes: One of many different protein catalyst that initiate chemical reactions in the body, such as digestion.
  • Herbs: Made from plants that are very high in vitamins and minerals. Often called super foods. The five categories of herbs are: aromatic, astringent, bitter, mucilaginous, and nutritive.
  • Homeopathic: These tinctures are made from plants that produce similar symptoms in a healthy person that a sick person has. They in effect promote the bodies own fight response to kick the symptom out of the body.
  • Back flower therapy: These are nerve tonics that promote emotional well being and balance.

It is the mission of Naturopathy to respect an individuals’ lifestyle choice while supporting the least invasive methods of healthcare maintenance.

Our philosophy is: by strengthening the clients whole body, this will promote the bodies own innate abilities to become balanced and heal itself. This is a better approach, we believe, because there are no side effects, and promotes the need for less or no medication at all. Plus the added benefit of higher productivity and just plain feeling better every day.

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