As a Personal Trainer:

I have been working with Mr. Mills for some time now.  He has been very patient with me to help keep up my fitness goals.   About 13 years ago I had a car accident.  My left wrist took about 6 months to finally get it healed at that time.  Well a few months back I reinjured it while working out.  I thought I would have to stop lifting weights with my upper body to let my wrist heal.  Well Mr. Mills was able to help me heal it incredibly fast.  I received a regimen of wrist strengthening exercises, ½ hour wrist massage twice per week, an herbal supplement called trauma.  He also modified my upper body exercise to start back in 2 weeks with my upper body workout.  After a month my wrist feels as good as new, and I didn’t have to go through the discouragement of a long set back with working out due to my wrist.  Mr. Mills has an expansive back ground and seems capable to handle many different health problems that come up. I would highly recommend Mr. Mills as a personal trainer.


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When I was 15, I was riding my bicycle when I was struck by a car traveling 55 mph. My back was broken, I lost a 2 ½” piece of my tibia bone from my leg, suffered severe lacerations, and nearly died. I am lucky to not be wheelchair bound.

Many health problems have since ensued. I was also diagnosed with chronic acid reflux at age 13, and I have many digestive issues such as bloating, distention, shooting pains and cramping, which have never before been able to be diagnosed by the multiple medical professionals I have seen.

When I met Dr. Mills, I had no idea how helpful he would be in getting me to a healthier state. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, he has been of tremendous help in relieving pain and helping my tortured back muscles to heal. Before he started working with me, I had back pain every day, in almost every moment. My back will never be “fixed” as vertebrae, once damaged, cannot be fully repaired, but I can stand up straight now, and have only a little pain throughout each day. Amazing!

Once, I strained the tendon that connects the thigh to the knee. I was in tremendous pain, and when I placed weight on my leg, it buckled and I fell. I went straight to Dr. Mills. He massaged the damaged area for an hour, and the effects were so immediate, I jogged up the steps to my house without thinking – virtually pain free! I couldn’t believe it! I have much residual pain from my car accident, some that I deal with day in and day out. Dr. Mills supplied me with a crème containing many wonderful ingredients such as emu oil, and within minutes the pain subsides, and stays away for 6-8 hours at a time. Having so much less pain is life changing!

I used to eat Tums antacids like candy, for over 14 years, but with the digestive enzymes Dr. Mills supplied me with, I can count on one hand the times I take antacids in a WEEK, and the episodes of heartburn, which used to be so bad I would frequently wake up in the night and have to vomit, grow less and less each month.

His practical dietary advice has been excellent as well, and as a Certified Personal Trainer, he has helped me progress from overweight at 6’2”, 225 lbs to a handsome 6’2” 206 lbs! And the scale shows a slimmer, healthier and happier me almost every day! Dr. Mills is a borderline miracle worker, and I look forward to using his help and advice for the rest of my life!



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